Quick and Easy February Speech Therapy Ideas!

I can’t believe it’s already February! I feel like I was just planning Christmas activities, and now we’re already coming up on Valentine’s Day. Sorry I’ve been kind of bad about blogging, work and life have been busy! I wanted to share some easy activities that I’m doing in my speech room for the month of February!:

Adapted books: These are my FAVORITE for early language! You can target so many skills! Not only can you target the vocabulary in the book, you can also practice on/off, following directions, turn-taking, and more! My Valentine Early Language Activities pack includes two interactive books, as well as other fun activities for early language!

Dino-mite dinosaur craft: This might be an unpopular opinion, but I love making crafts in speech! I think there are so many opportunities for language when doing art, such as labeling and identifying colors, requesting, turn-taking, following directions, and even articulation generalization! I also love using crafts as a reinforcer! This dinosaur craft is super easy and basically just involves a dinosaur cutout, three hearts, and a piece of paper. Click the link to download a FREE visual!

No prep worksheets: I’d like to say I have elaborate lessons prepped and ready every day, but sometimes that just isn’t true. That’s where no prep, print and go worksheets come in. I use these with a ton of my speech and language goals to easily incorporate the theme without spending a ton of time prepping.

Envelope activity: I got a giant envelope at Target from the dollar section, but you could totally use anything you have that opens and closes (regular mailing envelope, manila envelope, box, mailbox toy). I put a bunch of vocabulary cards and/or manipulatives inside the envelope and practice following directions and labeling in/out and open/close, while also working on labeling the pictures/objects inside! Super easy activity using stuff you most likely already have!

Valentine sensory bin: Sensory bins don’t have to be scary or require a lot of prep! I love to get a big pencil box and throw in cotton balls and some colored pom poms. Then I add in any random doodads I have and throw in some speech cards. Done! Some cards I add to my bins are in my early language pack, but you can add anything you have!

Themed reinforcers: Once again, I love a good no-prep option. I love to use themed sheets covered in hearts, dots, cupcakes, etc. and pair them with my regular therapy cards. We say a target and cover the picture. You can use erasers, dot markers, dry-erase markers, buttons.. anything you have! Plus, these are FREE in my store.

There’s a little glimpse of what I’m doing in my speech room this month! I hope this gave you some ideas! I love to see what everyone else is doing in speech!

Here’s to an awesome month!