Quick and Easy March Speech Therapy Activities

Hello, March! If you didn’t know already, I love themed activities! But I also love quick and easy therapy that doesn’t take the whole weekend to plan! Here are some of my favorite activities to do for March/St. Patrick’s Day that are quick and easy to prep and fun for everyone!

1) March Sensory Bottle: Lately, my favorite thing to make has been sensory bottles. They’re super easy and my kids love them. Plus, I love making them! If you’ve never made one before, check out my post all about sensory bottles and how I make and use them. For March, my sensory bottle consists of plastic beaded necklaces, water, clear glue, and green and gold glitter. I cut my necklaces up so that the beads were loose and put them in the bottle first. I used light green, dark green, and gold beads. Then I added green and gold glitter and filled it almost all the way to the top with warm water. I then added clear glue, closed the bottle, and shook it up to mix it. I kept adding the ingredients until I was happy with it, then super glued the lid shut. It took me just a few minutes of prep, and my kids love it!

2) Shamrock Craft: My favorite crafts have minimal pieces and can be adapted for all levels. For this month’s craft, I printed an outline for a four leaf clover (I just used clip art that I had, but you can search google and find similar things) and traced and cut it on green construction paper. Each of my kids got a glue stick and could choose between green glitter, gold glitter, or both. For my older kids, we used this as a reinforcer, and for my younger kids, we used this craft as an opportunity to practice requesting, commenting, labeling colors, and following directions! Plus anything with glitter is super fun (to me)!

3) No Prep March Activities: I use my monthly no prep packets for seasonal homework and during lessons. My kids enjoy the seasonal images and I enjoy not having to prep seasonal work for my elementary-aged kids! There are worksheets for articulation, language, and social skills! Plus they’re great to send for homework!

4) March Early Language Activities: I love having themed activities for all of my kids, including those working on early language skills! My St. Patrick’s Day Early Language Activities pack includes two interactive books, a match mat, cards for a sensory bin, two books for expanding utterances, and a parent letter. Once it’s prepped, you can use it all month! I also use these with older kids as reinforcers, especially the sensory bin and match mats!

5) No Prep Reinforcers: I use these for articulation, turn-taking, language, and anything with quick trials! Having seasonal pictures makes drilling tasks more exciting and it’s always nice to have something to use with our cards! You can use these as smash mats with Play-Doh, with magnetic chips, with mini erasers, and with dry-erase markers! These are FREE in my TPT store!

6) St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin: I try to switch out my sensory bins every month, and the key to being able to do that is to make them SIMPLE. My bin this month contains cotton balls, green pom poms, glitter, craft jewels, and rainbow shamrock clip art. I add in articulation/language cards when necessary. That’s it! It’s super easy to prep and clean up – cotton balls make awesome sensory bin filler!

What are you doing in your speech room this month?