Easy Craft Ideas For Fall!

I love to do crafts in therapy! I need crafts that I can easily adapt for my preschool and kindergarten students as well as my older elementary students, which means they need to be simple and cute! Here are 5 easy craft ideas for fall.

Ripped Paper Fall Tree Craft

This ripped paper tree is perfect for young children who aren’t ready to cut paper. To make this, you’ll need colored paper, a marker, and glue. Draw a tree with branches on the paper. Have kids rip apart pieces of colorful paper and glue them on the tree, the ground, and in the sky to show that they are falling. Perfect for describing colors and textures, too!

Five Little Pumpkins Craft

This craft is a great companion to the book Five Little Pumpkins. You’ll need popsicle sticks, paper, glue, and orange pompoms. Line up popsicle sticks in a cross-hatch pattern to make a fence. Glue popsicle sticks in this formation (you may have to help with this part!). Glue fence onto paper (you can use colored paper or white). Cut green construction paper into a jagged edge to resemble grass, and glue on the bottom of the paper to cover the bottom of the fence. Add five orange pompoms to the top of the fence, varying in size. Draw green stems on paper.

White Crayon Leaves

This craft is a simple and fun way to practice predicting! You’ll need white paper, a white crayon, and either watercolor paint or dot markers. With white crayon, draw leaf shapes on the paper. You can use a stencil or do this freehand. When you are done, paint over the area in different fall colors. This will reveal the white crayon shapes!

Diffusing Paper Leaves

This is probably my favorite craft of the season! And it’s way easier than it looks. You’ll need diffusing paper leaves, dot markers (regular markers will work too), and a spray bottle. I’d also recommend a tray (to contain the mess) and paper plates so that you have a place to store the leaves while they dry. To make this craft, have the child put colors on their leaf with the dot markers. Try to fill as much white space as you can. Put the leaf in the tray and use a spray bottle to spray the leaf until it is completely saturated. Put leaf on paper plate and let dry (usually a few hours). Then you’re left with a beautiful water color leaf!

Paper Plate Pumpkin

This is a cute craft for all of fall, and you can make it Halloween-themed by adding a face! You’ll need a paper plate, paint or dot markers, and green paper. Have kids paint the plate orange. Cut a piece of green paper to look like a stem and glue on the top of the plate. That’s it! Super easy for little ones and very cute. You can customize it by adding a face with black paper or marker. I like to use this simple art visual to help with requesting during craft activities. You can get this free visual HERE!

I hope this gave you some ideas for your crafts!