Costume-Themed Speech Therapy Activities!

It’s spooky season now and that means a time for FUN therapy activities! I like to use activities that don’t focus too much on Halloween, as not all of my students celebrate. A costume theme is a great way to be festive without being scary! Here is what we are doing in speech for our costume theme!

Dog Sensory Bin

Unsurprisingly, my favorite activity of the week has got to be our sensory bin! For this week’s sensory bin, I used the sensory bin pieces included in my Dog-Themed Speech and Language Unit. Each dog has a different costume, and on their card they have a different direction for the kids to complete (i.e. buzz like a bee, spin like a ballerina, etc.). We are using it to work on following directions, and to get some movement in our sessions!

“I Hear A Dog!” Interactive Book

This activity paired with my sensory bin is a close second to being my favorite! My kids love this interactive book! It has a lot of repetitive phrases (“I see ___”, “I hear ___”, “not ___”) which makes it great for AAC lessons (implementing core words SEE and NOT) and early readers. My preschoolers love reading the sentences with me and finding the matches. They love seeing all of the costumes the dogs are wearing! This is also included in my Dog-Themed pack!

Early Inferencing with Costumes

What goes better with dogs dressed up in costumes than PIGS dressed up in costumes? My kids working on describing and inferencing will be reading this inferencing book and hearing clues to guess what the pig is wearing as a costume. This book is from my Costume-Themed Early Inferencing Activities Pack. We will start out with picture cues, and hopefully move on to using just the words! I love to have my kids make inferences as well as describe the animals to me and have me guess! It feels like a game!

What are you doing in speech this week?

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