Monster-Themed Speech Therapy and a Free Visual!

Monsters are great for any time of the year, but can be especially fun around Halloween! This week in speech, we are doing a monster theme! Here are some of the activities we are doing in my speech room!

Monster Sensory Bin

This sensory bin was super easy to put together! I used black beans, craft jewels, googly eyes, big cotton ball eyes, pompoms, and colorful monsters that I cut out! For the cotton ball eyes, I got mine on a banner from Target. But, you could easily use regular cotton balls and glue googly eyes on top for the same look. This bin is great for working on labeling colors and understanding size concepts. Plus, it’s super cute!

“Go Away, Big Green Monster!” by Ed Emberley

This is one of my favorite books to use with my early communicators and early readers! It has great repetitive language, fun pictures and descriptions, and it’s great for targeting core vocabulary (we did “go”). We also practiced building sentences and sentence imitation with these sentence strips that I made to go with the book. You can download them HERE for free!

Monster Art

I love adding crafts into my themed sessions, even if they’re simple. This monster craft is super easy to put together, and great for all ages and abilities! I cut circles of different colored paper and provided googly eyes, glue, glitter, and markers. That’s it! The kids get to make whatever kind of monster they like and we can describe it when we are done. I’ve had some requests for this visual, so click HERE to get it for free!

Monsters University Door Decor

I know, I know. This is very extra. But I love Monsters University, and I love decorating! I just Googled Monsters University sororities and fraternities and laminated them and taped them to the door. I also typed out the text in a huge size and cut/laminated the letters. Very easy to put together and the kids love it! They know our theme before they even come in the room!

Monsters University Student ID Card

These customizable student ID cards have been such a hit with my older students! They look like they’re taken right from the movie! The kids get to design their own monster and give it a name. They can cut out the ID and take it home as a fun way to practice describing! I got this activity for free on Pinterest! Click HERE to check it out!

I hope you got some inspiration from these ideas! The sensory bin was actually a freebie sent to my newsletter subscribers! Click HERE to join my email list so you can receive awesome exclusive freebies and tips!

Do you do a monster theme? I would love to hear your ideas!