Leaf-Themed Speech Therapy Activities!

I love fall themes, and one of my favorite themes is leaves! SO many opportunities to work on describing and commenting, plus there are a ton of crafts and books to use! Here are some of the activities I will be doing in my speech room over the next two weeks for our leaf theme!

Leaf Sensory Bin

This is one of my favorite sensory bins yet! I used popcorn kernels, fake leaves, felt glitter leaves, and sensory bin pieces from my Monthly-Themed Sensory Bin Activities resource! This is one of my favorite resources because I love themed therapy and sensory bin activities! Plus, they are easy to prep and open-ended! The activity I’m doing with this bin is “Counting Leaves”. I have the kids count the leaves on each page of our activity book and say their words for each leaf. Super easy and fun!

“We’re Going On A Leaf Hunt” by Steve Metzger

I love reading “We’re Going On A Leaf Hunt” by Steve Metzger during the fall. It’s such a cute book with beautiful illustrations and a fun and simple storyline! I love to use this book to work on sequencing because it isn’t too long, but it still has enough plot points to separate into a timeline.

Describing Leaves Activity

I love using pictures of real leaves to work on describing! I just google searched several different kinds of leaves (birch, hickory, maple, and red oak are all featured in “We’re Going On A Leaf Hunt”) and printed them out. I am having the kids name two characteristics of each type of leaf and compare and contrast them. If you can, bring in real leaves! Unfortunately, where I live there aren’t a ton of fall leaves yet… but I can’t wait to describe them when they’re here!

Leaf Articulation Craft

This simple cut-and-paste craft is one of my favorites for this time of year. Words are written on each leaf and kids color, cut, and glue them on the tree while they practice. It also makes a great homework sheet to send with them! Check it out HERE in my store!

Errorless Fall Activities

I love using errorless activities in my speech room! They’re great for creating independence and self-confidence and can also be used to target many goals! I use these for kids working on falling simple directions, prepositions, and even for articulation trials! Check them out HERE!

Raking Leaves Interactive Activity & Book

I am using this Raking Leaves book with my younger kids (preschool-early elementary) to work on colors, expanding utterances, requesting, prepositions, and more! I am going to pair it with a leaf sensory bin to add an additional interactive component! There’s repetitive language too, so it’s great for my early language users! This activity is SO FUN and FREE in my store! Check it out HERE!

Leaf Diffusing Paper Craft

This is a FAVORITE of my kids! Diffusing paper crafts are so easy and fun and perfect for all ages (with some help)! I bought a pack of leaf-shaped diffusing paper from Amazon and it came pre-cut, which was way easier for me because I really didn’t have to prep. The kids just use dot markers to add color and then spray water on top. We let them dry for a few hours and we got these beautiful leaves!

Fall-Themed Early Inferencing

My early inferencing activities are some of my favorite ways to target vocabulary beyond just labeling pictures! I use an inferencing book, vocabulary cards, and inferencing clues to practice describing and making inferences in my young kids! Check them out HERE!

Fall Language & Vocabulary

I love using themed language activities because they target meaningful and relevant vocabulary that my kids will likely be exposed to for the whole season! I use these fall language vocabulary activities for my elementary kids to work on forming sentences, defining verbs, adjectives, and nouns, following directions, understanding concepts, and more. Check them out HERE!

I hope this gave you some ideas for a leaf theme! I LOVE this theme, and I can’t wait to use all of these activities again this year as we enter November!

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Happy Fall!