Too Many Carrots Distance Learning Activities

Well, it has been a WILD month since I’ve last posted. Since moving to tele therapy, things have been very different over here. But, one thing that has remained the same is my love of themed therapy. It’s been challenging via tele therapy, especially as I cannot screen share, but I’ve been making it work! […]

St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Speech Therapy

Happy March! I love doing themed therapy and celebrating holidays in speech, so I wanted to share some activities I’m doing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in my speech room! We are going to be reading two books, The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day by Natasha Wing, and Lucky Tucker by Leslie McGuirk. Along with […]

Free Valentine’s Day Activities for Speech Therapy

Happy February! I LOVE Valentine’s Day themes and celebrating with my students! I wanted to share with you some FREE activities you can do this week with your students for Valentine’s Day! 1) The Day It Rained Hearts (by Felicia Bond) story map: I use this story map with my kids to help them visualize […]

Incorporating A Visual Schedule Into Speech Therapy

Incorporating a visual schedule was never something I did during my individual speech therapy sessions, simply because I wasn’t sure where to start or how to motivate my kids to follow a schedule after we hadn’t been using one before. I didn’t know how to implement a new system after my kids had been used […]

How I Am Using One Book For My Entire Caseload

I love using books in therapy, but I also have kids with a wide variety of goals. I also see kids from early intervention all the way through teens, so I need ways to adapt books to work for a bunch of different kids. One book I’m very excited to use this season is There […]

Leaf-Themed Speech Therapy Activities!

I love fall themes, and one of my favorite themes is leaves! SO many opportunities to work on describing and commenting, plus there are a ton of crafts and books to use! Here are some of the activities I will be doing in my speech room over the next two weeks for our leaf theme! […]

Monster-Themed Speech Therapy and a Free Visual!

Monsters are great for any time of the year, but can be especially fun around Halloween! This week in speech, we are doing a monster theme! Here are some of the activities we are doing in my speech room! Monster Sensory Bin This sensory bin was super easy to put together! I used black beans, […]

Costume-Themed Speech Therapy Activities!

It’s spooky season now and that means a time for FUN therapy activities! I like to use activities that don’t focus too much on Halloween, as not all of my students celebrate. A costume theme is a great way to be festive without being scary! Here is what we are doing in speech for our […]

Easy Craft Ideas For Fall!

I love to do crafts in therapy! I need crafts that I can easily adapt for my preschool and kindergarten students as well as my older elementary students, which means they need to be simple and cute! Here are 5 easy craft ideas for fall. This ripped paper tree is perfect for young children who […]

Using Errorless Activities in Speech Therapy

Something I’ve been trying to incorporate more into therapy is errorless activities. These are things that are basically just as they sound… tasks that students can complete without getting an incorrect response. I see a lot of posts online about using these tasks in special education classes in independent work stations, which is such an […]